Update August 2015

Dear Friends,

Last season I told you about the difficulty we've had finding quality manufacturing for reasonable prices in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, that is still true as we head into the 2015 fall and winter season. What we have in stock now is all we'll have - we will not be replenishing our inventory.

This could be a very sad time for us to be ending something that we so love, but instead we'll make it a happy ending for everyone. We're offering prices that don't even come close to covering the cost of producing our items so all of you who have supported us over the years will be able to stock up. Please know that all sales will be final as we clear out our current inventory. Toward the end of last season people were buying coats for friend's dogs, to dontat to charities and even for dogs they might share their lives with in the future.  I hope you'll continue to order so that when we ship the last coat we have left, we can smile, knowing we made you and your sweet pets happy. So, order early while we still have a good amount of colors and sizes to choose from. 

We will keep the site up for now as well as our social media pages so we can stay in touch. And as always we welcome as many custom orders as we can complete during the fall and winter season. 

Thank you for your support, your referrals and of course for loving your dogs.

All the best,

Patti Wilson



Update January 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of you who have placed orders so you'll have all the goose down coats you'll need.  Many of you have not only ordered coats for your own dogs, but have ordered for friends' dogs and dogs you hope to have in the future!  You've expressed such regret that we've been unable to secure manufacturing that meets our standards at a reasonable price point.  You've completely supported our decision to pause production rather than bring manufacturing to China.  I hope you know how much your support means. 

In an era when long time local, regional, national and international companies have not been able to continue, I feel very fortunate to have had  fifteen years to get to know you and your dogs.  I've looked at every photo and video you've shared and enjoyed all the stories about your dogs. I feel proud to have designed and manufactured an item that has been helpful and of such high quality that you've come back years later to order another coat simply becasue you want a new color. You've validated my obsession with getting the details of each style and size right.

We'll ship only until February 7th this year.  After that we'll pause and decide what's next.  Please stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter.  If there's something you need or custom work and we can accomodate you, we'll be happy to.  Email us at Service@JoyPetProducts.com.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  It's been a priviledge to have your support and see your precious dogs sporting our designs.

All the best,

Patti Wilson


Dear Friends,

Years ago when I had the idea of making down coats for my four senior dogs, I simply wanted to make them the warmest most comfortable coats possible.  I made them the way they should be made, regardless of cost.  We do the same today when we make coats for your dogs and most manufacturers think we're crazy to insist on such quality.  We know that's what you expect from Joy Pet Products and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The last several years manufacturing costs have increased to where it is now impossibly expensive to make the coats to our standards in the US or Canada. Manufacturers have scaled back their equipment and there is not one US facility that can complete our down coats from start to finish.  I'm not willing to make an inferior product or go to China for manufacturing.  So, what we have available on our site currently is all we'll  have - at least for now. It is unlikely we would be able to find a new manufacturer and schedule more production this year.

Most would mark up inventory that has become so expensive to produce.  Instead I'll be offering some coupons for our social media friends over the next few months.  We are a tiny company that's had big recognition, mainly due to customers like you telling others about us. So, it seems natural to me to offer customers who have enjoyed shopping with us and supported us over the years some special offers. Please be sure to order carefully when ordering something on sale or when using a coupon as everything will be a final sale until we know if we can secure new manufacturing.  If there's something you need that is unavailable on the site, we have the ability to take a limited number of custom orders.

I've been touched by every email, picture and video you've shared with me about your pets. Hearing from you has always been the highlight of my day.  Thank you for the all stories about your pets and supporting a small 'Made in USA' business.

We'll be here for you until Christmas to make sure holiday orders go out on time as always.  I'm not sure what's in store for us after that, so please stay connected on Facebook for updates.

Thank you and all the best for a happy fall and winter season!

Patti Wilson

Joy Pet Products is a small New England company where you'll find great style and great functionality for you and your pet. We offer exceptional quality products with your pet's comfort and happiness in mind.  Our patented Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat is our best known product. Our coats have been recognized as the best of the best by the media and most importantly by our customers.  Our coats were developed with comfort, style and ease of use in mind and will help keep your dog warm and dry when the temperatures dip.   There are currently two versions of this wonderful coat.  The Original and latest all nylon Goose Down Coat with a Removable Hood and reflective trim.  Both are adjustable, reversible, washable and dryable and very easy to put on and take off. We use only superior quality 550 fill power white goose down in our coats. No feather and down blends here! Our Goose Down Coats have been made in Canada the last few years and until now we were unable to make them in the US and match the quality.  We've always made all our other products in the US and we worked hard to bring our Goose Down Coat manufacturing here to the US as well. We're proud to say in 2011 we've been able to do that and we are the only company making goose down filled doggie coats here. There are a few companies making inexpensive feather blend coats in China, but we know - and our customers have told us too - that the quality is no where near ours. Please refer to the specifics on our Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat page, Coat Features and Why Dogs Need Coats pages to learn more about the down we use as well as complete information about the quality that goes into our coats.

Joy Pet Products is committed to offering you and your pet the very best.  We don't take any shortcuts and we manufacture all of our products in the US to ensure exceptional quality.  And we are committed to doing our part to helping animal organizations in need of help.  A portion of our sales is always donated to organizations we feel do exceptional work on behalf of animals. 

As always, we thank you for caring about animals and shopping with us.  We welcome your comments and suggestions and keep those photos coming.  We love each and every one!